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sons visa are running out in UK

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my wifes sons came to reside long term in belfast  / uk approx 5 years ago  under eea rules.   though on the resident document is see that the dates of issue is written renewal  sept 10 / 20 sept .


im consused by this and dont know what to do about getting them new visa or renewal, document was given from liverpool consul ( mayeb ill drop them an email 


is it likely this is a 10 year document ?   but why was it given sept 10 ?   as wriiten on document?  


the 2 boys are working and have left school last year, their mum has ILR in uk.   


what is best approach please



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To be honest I'm not sure about the whole EEA thing and withought sight of it I can't really give a view, you might be better doing as you suggest and write or call the issuer of the permit.


I was always lead to believe that these cards were not a permanent solution, but I could be totally wrong.


Certainly your wifes status has nothing to do with the lads, they'll be considered in their own right. 

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