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Are travel vaccinations important


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I assume that a majority of tourists does not have the recommended vaccinations.


Missing Hepatitis A/B should be reason to be cautious with food and drinks and stick to places where one can expect proper hygiene.

Do not eat unknown stuff from roadside stalls etc.

"wash it, peel it, cook it or forget it"


A widespread disease at this time is Dengue fever which you can not vaccinate for.

Use insect repellent if sitting outside.

On the other hand for a healthy adult, Dengue does not seem to be life threatening but you won't like to catch it.
Being bitten by dogs or cats: get to a hospital within some hours to get post exposure vaccination for rabies. Easy available and does not cost a fortune.


Overall: staying in Bangkok and Pattaya is not overly risky.

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Actually there is a dengue vaccine but recommended only for people who have had denuie once already.


Hepatitis B vaccine, definitely. It is a series, if you start it before coming you can finish it while here. This one is very important.


Hep A if you have not already had it (in which case get the combined A/B vaccine) but depending on your age you may well have. It's been part of routine vaccine schedules in the West now for a couple of decades.


Rabies pre-exposure vaccine is desirable if you will be here very long but for a short trip I wouldn't bother. Just be sure to go to hospital for post-exposure vaccine if bitten.


You might like to get a flu shot on arrival here (not before you come -- different flu strains here) as it is the influenza season now and you don't want to ruin your trip with it.


this is a good, reasonably priced source of vaccines in Bangkok - clinic run by a British GP:




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