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Chonburi, army drill for airline emergency


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Chonburi, army drill for airline emergency


CHONBURI:--Chonburi agencies and the army joined forces to practice emergency response to a plane crash in the ocean.


Transport Minister Arkhom Termpit­tayapaisith opened the Aug. 21-24 SAREX 2018 exercise at the 14th Military Circle.


The drill, carried out periodically in recent years, keeps police, military and medical organizations sharp in case of an emergency at sea or in the air.


This year the simulation had a charter airline from Vietnam making a distress call while inbound to U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya Airport. Shortly after asking for an emergency landing due to engine failure, the traffic-control tower loses contact with the plane.


Reconnaissance determines the plane went down in the Gulf of Thailand off Chonburi.


Over the four days, rescue and response units simulated each stage of the emergency and rescue.

In addition, the exercise featured exhibitions to teach about modern equipment in search-and-rescue operations including medical and communications gear.


-- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-08-31
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