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Video: Lap sabai! "Jazz-man" takes a nap in the middle of the traffic!


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Video: Lap sabai! "Jazz-man" takes a nap in the middle of the traffic!



Picture: Daily News


Thai social media was in hysterical meltdown after a man posted a story of finding a motorist asleep in Bangkok traffic.


Poster "Sati Tae K." was concerned about the Honda Jazz parked in the middle of the road. Being a worker for the Poh Teck Tung rescue service and fearing that the driver may have passed out he doubled back to check up on him.


Tapping on the window did no good.


So he opened the unlocked door and tried to rouse the driver who was reclining as soothing music played.


He started filming fearing that a claim of theft could be made later if anything went missing while the driver was asleep.


His repeated nudges to get the driver to wake were accompanied by calls of "Phee Khrap! Phee Khrap"!


Finally he accepted that the driver was just spark out with a classic: "Lap sabai leuy" (He's sound asleep).


He said that there was no smell of alcohol in the car though there was a distinct odor of sweat indicating that the man may have been exhausted from work.


Ratanathibet police responded around 11am Sunday but by the time they arrived the "Jazz-man" had recovered his senses and fled the scene.


Station chief Pol Col Kittisak Thiangkamon told Daily News Online that taking a nap in the middle of the road is highly dangerous.


He suggested that sleepy drivers pull over to the side of the road and use something called a parking space.


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-09-12
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Option A.

Police attended the scene and arrested the driver. He was fined Baht 57,000 and banned from driving for 5 years, his car was impounded and later crushed.

Option B.

Police attended the scene and arrested the driver, they realised who he was. He said "You know who I am?"

Police performed  a "Graap" and detailed his car.


NETIZENS are Fummin, Outraged.


Anyone can define a NETIZEN, please PM me @ curiouscouldnotcare. ##what is that about.


You see, I know this interweb thingy.



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Believe it or not, this is a true story.


The manager of our soi, a Thai lady, came to see my missus one day sporting a crop of cuts and bruises. In answer to my unspoken question, she explained she had nodded off on a motorbike and taken a tumble.


This didn't particularly surprise me as I have several times seen Thai women pillion pasengers snoozing perilously on the pillion seat behind husbands and boyfriends. "Was your husband hurt?" I asked.


The women looked sheepish before replying:  "I was on my own"!


I know Thais can lap sabai almost anywhere, but this was a new one on me. 

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