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MoE Ushers in New Era of Thai Education with Introduction of Quality Assurance Initiative


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They can't even check the standards of their English teachers, <deleted>. But hey,  o n l y  500 criteria (which the minister can enumerate at any time without a teleprompter. Why not 699 criteria? Add body image data, measure the range of teachers' voices and their heart beat and brain function during such evaluations...


Sounds great, huh?


But they keep speaking Thai during "English lessons". And guess what, some kids cannot even form simple sentences or even read English by  the 8th grade. (Yes, they were bright girls, well behaved and eager to learn. No I-don't-care-village-kids).


Just keep telling yourselves that all is well and don't think too much, huh? Fail nobody, render the brightest students' results worthless...

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