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Trigger finger (thumb) - how to cure?


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Hey guys!

First of first, coming to search for health forum, notice there are fewer sub-forums, about fat, drink too much, etc,,

why can't just be general health topics to give chance to post any related health issues, hope moderators consider this,


Now, the question: what's actually the main cause of trigger thumb finger?

happened about 7 - 8 weeks ago, in the morning noticed something funny the thumb becoming as electric switch, a while later gone,, and happen again in the following day just the wake up period, and so on,, 2 - 3 weeks, then turned to be a bit painful during the bending,

however, once the thumb or the whole hand put in warm atmosphere,  often use a hot pack to warm the area, turn to be soft and smooth,

so, warming or heating is the solution to turn the trigger smooth and soft as usual,

some massage, or any other exercises are not bringing good results as the hot pack, the challenge is that the thumb and palm of the hand area not suitable to keep it longer at warm pack, due to working and using it,

just was thinking if there is any kind of special plaster or something to be like a bandage around the wrist area and pass to round up the thumb finger, but how to do to keep it warm? as long as warming it was very effective to make it smooth, so this may help to cure it if kept warm for longer periods during the day time long,

any experience with this? or some ideas to share, please share your comment,


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why can't just be general health topics to give chance to post any related health issues, hope moderators consider this,


There is a Health and Medicine forum which has been around for years, will move the topic there. 

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It is caused by inflammation and scarring of the tendon sheaths. Often related to repetitive stress injury....like texting a lot.

Conservative management is rest, splinting, NSAIDs (ibuprofen etc- provided no contraindication). Sometimes steroid injection, that often works but condition may recur.

Quite often surgery is necessary.
It is an outpatient surgery done under local anesthetic.

You should see a hand specialist unless it resolves on its own with rest and splinting.

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On 10/4/2018 at 5:12 PM, jak2002003 said:

Is it just the one hand?



just the thumb finger, not the whole hand,

the stiffness to bend the thumb getting harder during the morning when just wake up,

usually when put a hot pack for a while, became soft and flexible as normal,

but, overall no remarkable pain with this,

and sometimes during the day no any stiffness, bu stiffness in morning is constant,

and sometimes during the workout exercise, or driving the stiffness almost forgotten and no any attention,

but, mostly the pressure and strains came from using the hands in daily workouts, swimming, besides using computer keyboards, mouse etc..


As noticed that when put in warm or a hot pack the stiffness totally gone, is there any idea of something hot to cover the hand wrist till the thumb finger or some kind of cream or medicine that will keep it warm for a longer period, to keep it warm probably will help recovery,

actually visited hospital, they advised me to keep it rested, and if still not recovered within a month to go back to them to inject steroid or something like that,

keep it warm, and less pressure maybe will help and avoid surgery etc,




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