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Ranong policeman shoots himself amid bomb probe


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Ranong policeman shoots himself amid bomb probe

By The Nation



Senior Sgt Maj Methee Chaiyachim


A border patrol policeman shot himself to death early on Wednesday morning, leaving a video and two letters that said he was sorry for being suspected of involvement in a fatal bomb attack.


Senior Sgt Maj Methee Chaiyachim, from the Ranong-based 415th Border Patrol, shot himself with his 11mm pistol at his home in Tambon Khao Niwet in Muang district.


His son heard the gunshot and found his father, who died at Ranong Hospital.


Methee said he was sorry to be linked to the bomb trap that killed a ranger inside the 415th's compound on October 5.


A grenade was attached to the ranger's car and it exploded when he drove away.


Methee said in the suicide notes that he did not want his service record to be tainted so he decided to end his life.


The October 5 explosion is still under investigation with no suspect arrested.


Investigators said they did not interrogate Methee alone but questioned several border police at the base with no specific focus on suspects.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30356184

-- © Copyright The Nation 2018-10-10
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RIP and lots of courage for the family.


These days it is so easy to ruin somebodies life in just a few words or deeds.


Although it looks he jumped the conclusions when i read they interrogated more peoples without an accusation.


Some peoples are just like that. A misunderstanding can trigger a feeling of guilt and they go berserk. I also know a person like that. When i, or somebody else, talk with somebody and the conversation is over just the moment he comes in he got the feeling we are gossiping about him. Or he Always have the feeling the whole world is against him.


Hope for him and the family they can clear it out and prove him to be innocent. Even for him it is to late.

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