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Nimo TV ready for Thai gaming fans, invites new streamers to join


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Nimo TV ready for Thai gaming fans, invites new streamers to join




Bangkok Nimo TV, one of the world’s leading game livestreaming companies, officially launches its livestreaming game platform for Thai gamers to the ultimate experience, strengthening its position as a livestreaming leader among millions of gamers. This November, Nimo TV will have an official launch event in Thailand eSports Arena, The Street Ratchada, gathering games lovers and celebrities from celebrities fro the gaming industry, and revealing Nimo TV’s brand ambassador. 


To reinforce and strengthen its position as a livestreaming leader, new streamers who love online gaming are invited to create fresh, engaging, and diverse content for Nimo TV. This is an excellent opportunity for game lovers to join the Nimo TV community. In addition to interacting with fellow gamers, it’s also a great opportunity to earn income from playing and livestreaming games because gaming is not just about playing anymore.


Currently, Nimo TV boasts many streamers, including Malee Suaymak, Tigerzap, WoplastnighTV, and the team Xavier Esport, which recently won third place at the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League SEASON 8 APAC FINALS in Japan. For an application or for more information about becoming a streamer, visit www.nimo.tv or Nimo TV application

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