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Can you get a long term visa for yourself and child if your wife has a work permit visa and isn't ofThai descent?

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I'm posting on behalf of a friend as he isn't too good with technology and forums and that lurk. For example, his wife is Chinese and they have one son who is 3 months old registered as a British national. They're legally married in China and have documents and book to prove which I'm guessing Thailand won't care and recognise it here (so it would have to be translated to Thai to prove to the authorities?)  His wife has a job in Thailand as said and work permit for Thailand so a 1 year visa would he be able to also get a sort of 1-year visa on that basis for himself and his son. Kind of like how you see some farang families over here with their wifes and send their kids to school. So one of the family works and bring their spouse and children over with them. Or would he have to mess around with 60 days tourist visas, then extend one month, then leave and re enter with his son? They're both of British descent. What documents would be needed? 


Sorry if it's previously been covered on here, but there are so many threads about visas and I did do a quick search and couldn't find anything. 

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The family of a person working here can get extension of stay based upon the their extension of stay. Their extension would be valid for the length until that persons extension.

The marriage and birth certificates would have to be legalized by the country or that countries embassy where they were issued. They would have to be translated if not in English or Thai.

The would need need non immigrant O visas to apply for the extensions but since the wife/parent is working they can be applied for at immigration.

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