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Buying Cardano


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Why on earth do you want to buy a minnow alt like ADA? (There is an actual word for these small alts, but the autodelete would not allow me to use it.)


But if you insist, you can trade it on:




I'd stick to the majors, if you want some unsolicited advice. Maybe even THE major, according to some. 

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He who eats the tail! 
I like Ouroboros proof of stake tech (enormous challenge), it's a way more complex than Bitcoin, Ethereum and CryptoNote all together. 

If I'm not wrong, poloniex and bitfinex are trading cardano, but good luck trading any crypto, the downtrend is huge!


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Be careful what you wish for...


Btw...if you have specific questions about crypto, maybe I can help. I was part of a mining operation until it became unprofitable and have done a fair amount of trading as well. 


Anyone want to buy some expensive antminer hair dryers? 😉

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