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Strickland devotes entire column to largely endorsement..


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I was kind of disappointed.  He seemed to overlook that they operate in gangs involved in theft.  Felt  like the nanny state PC police declaring  a new world order.  I think it went entirely, too far, and most agree the bar areas have been in steep  decline.  LB numbers are a big reason I rarely go to NEP.  What are your thoughts?

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Stickman used to have interesting information many many years ago.

Just for fun I just had a look at the referred article and it's a lot of BS.


He writes about lady boys: "They act like females".

No, they don't. And that is the reason why many guys don't like them.

Many lady boys are aggressive. Many behave like they are the center of the world.

What many guys want are feminine females. Not aggressive, not pushy.


At least Stickman got some clicks - I guess he will count them one by one these days.

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Stickman couldn't find a new gig to make some money.......so back to what was successful before.

Not so sure the rerun will do as well.  BTW:   there is also Stickboy  who might just have taken the lead   BTW:  a lot of his ad revenue comes from LB sponsors .  guess he is following the way the money blowssssss

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