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90 day report Chiang Mai

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I am on a Non Imm O A and will be applying at Chiang Mai immigration for my first 90 day as apparently the online does not work for first timers? Can someone send me the link for all required forms needed and any tips for the line up while I am there at Immigration at Chiang Mai including best times to go....


Thanks in advance😃

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Is the following list of requirements for a 90 day report for Chiang Mai immigration accurate? If so how many copies of each document is required?


Documents  Required

--- Form TM47
--- First page of  Passport showing picture
--- Passport page showing latest VISA stamp
--- Passport page showing expiration date of passport (If different from 1st page)
--- Copy of Arrival Card (your passport may have the Departure Card)

--- Foreign National Information Form (with Passport size Photo) 
--- Proof of address (Ex: copy of Rental Agreement).

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Has a TM30 form been submitted to report your presence where you are living by you or your landlord. 

This is the form for it. TM30 Form Notification of aliens staying at a residence

For the 90 day report you can use this. TM47 Form Fillable.pdf

Not sure what exactly CM immigration wants for your first 90 day report. The list you posted may be out of date since they no longer want the foreign national information form.

I would say at the most you will need a copy of your passport photo page, visa, entry stamp and TM6 departure card.

If a TM30 form has already been submitted you should not need the rental agreement for proof of residence.



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I've never done a 90day report in person, or via agent, and have done my last 5 online without a hitch (can even use Firefox now). However, my first report was done by mail, so maybe I needed this step before being able to use online.

I would suggest the OP file his first 90day report by mail. Supposedly this needs to be done 15 days in advance, but there are reports of mail ins working with only 3 days in advance.

If the OP doesn't get a reply, then he can go in person to Immigration -- with 7 days gratis. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.



Although the pinned topic suggests that the 90 report by mail should be posted no later than 15 days before due date, I just received my returned slip after mailing the documents only 3 days before it was due. I had intended to mail it earlier but an emergency came up and I was only able to get to the post office on Thursday morning, the 29th. My due date was Sunday, Feb 1. I sent it registered mail, both outer and self addressed envelope. It was received by Immigration on 30th and I got the slip back today, Feb 4.




I never needed a rental agreement, or certificate of residence to do 90 day reports. There's no place for these with online reporting, nor a requirement for inclusion in the mail in packet. Maybe this is something related to in person reporting....


Comparing a 90day report with your TM30 must be something new I haven't heard about. With me, it might be quite interesting, as my last 5 TM30 reports involve stays in Bangkok hotels. Six files back is my TM30 for my permanent address in Chiang Mai, which was never updated, since I never left the country. Anyway, Bangkok folks don't even need TM30's, so not sure how 90day reporting gets involved with TM30 data....


For the OP, the following link, although dated, has some good -- and still relevant -- information. It also has links to later year reports (2016 and 2015).



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