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NON-O Multi-Entry Marriage - Expires 2 weeks after stamp

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Hi there lovely people of Thaivisa.

I am a South African passport holder, have a wife and child here in Thailand.

27 Years of age.
I am currently living in Thailand under a NON-O Multi-Entry visa based on marriage.


My visa was issued on 5 Feb 2018 and expires on 4 Feb 2019.

My latest stamp from Phu Nam Ron has an Admitted Until 23 JAN 2018


The following paths come to mind and I'm not 100% sure which to take.

1) I go to Phu Nam Ron for a visa run as usual before 23 JAN 2018
    - If I do this how many days will they give me on a new stamp?
2) I go back to Savanakhet instead of going to Phu Nam Ron before 23 JAN 2018 and apply for another 1 year long Multi-Entry

3) I have an average passive income coming into my Thai bank account from Australia that's above 40,000 baht per month
    - Can I skip 1, 2 and go straight to an immigration office and apply for a renewal of my NON-O?

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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1. You will get 90 days since your visa is still valid.

2. No need to do that.

3. You could apply for a one year extension of stay based upon marriage if the transfers in the your account shows they were sent from outside    the country.

You could also use a proof of income document from your embassy.

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Do a border run in or before January 23rd and you will receive a new 90 day stay (end of April).


Towards the end of the 90 days you can go to immigrantion and get a 60 day extension of stay with no financials required (cost 1,900 baht); taking you to June. Once that 60 day permit ends you then go to Savannahket to get a new visa.


OR get a new 90 day stay before January 23rd and towards the end of the 90 days apply for a 1 year extension of stay using your 40K+ income.


OR you could try for the 1 year extension before January 23rd, under the new income option, if you already have a history of transfers to Thailand.

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Thanks for the replies.

I shall to the 90 day border run as usual, then figure out if my next step regarding doing a multi from Savanakhet or a getting a 1 year extension based on proof of income.

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