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Swedish Advert


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Every now & then an ad comes up on the right with a VERY beautiful Swedish looking girl, and a story telling how a certain crypto- currency has been adopted by the Swedes.

Being curious, and hoping to see this girl!, I read and registered, with a little used email address. 

I received a phone call from a Mr Oliver Bret, Eastern European accent, London number, who was very insistent. I asked for an email from them and got one in return, company called fxnobles. Googled that, and up came so many reports of scams etc.

So my fellow posters, DO NOT try to see this lovely Swedish girl, or have anything to do with her friends. Cheers.


Note to the Forum Editors, Moderators etc. How do these, and all the rubbish Keto ads get to be on the site please?

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Thai visa has very little control over the ads generated by Google and Taboola.

The keto topics and similar ones are spammers that we knock off the forum as soon as we see them. If you see one report it.

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