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Price Guidance - 2nd hand MBP


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My wife is looking to sell her MBP Retina and we're looking for guidance on asking price.


The machine was purchased via Apple Webstore Thailand mid 2015, and the spec is as on the attached photo.

250GB internal SSD storage and currently updating to Mojave OS X.


Machine comes in original box with charging lead - all components in A++ condition (hardly used).


Anyt guidance on what sort of asking price we should be looking for on this machine gratefully received.


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On 2/1/2019 at 8:58 PM, Yellowtail said:

25-35K depending on how long you want to wait and how many people you want jerking you around.

yep that's the impression we got - didn't stop loads of chancers coming with bids of 12-15k and acting like they were doing a favour offering that.

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And keep in mind that you bought it in Mid 2015. It is a mid 2014 computer, so it was already a year old technology.

It is now almost "5" years old. How reasonable will you be with the price?

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