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I'm into wine, which is a bummer since, as you probably know, Thailand has a huge tax on imported alcohol (300–400%?).

But I've heard the situation is much better in Laos. So, two questions: 

1) Anyone know what the situation is in Laos re: imported wine? I.e., what tax, if any, there is on it. Also, how easy/hard is it to find some decent wines; e.g., from France, Italy, Spain, USA...?

2) If I were to travel from Thailand to Laos, how many bottles would I be allowed to bring back with me?


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Keep one thing in mind, Laos imports and sells wine cheaper than Thailand but its not really for the locals, so I would worry that shipments are left for days in hot warehouses and not necessarily looked after with great care. Many years ago there was European run (French) vintners in Vientienne and maybe the tourist trade has lifted the standards. Good luck.

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