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Final appeal in long running 30 million baht "teacher vs cop" lottery dispute


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Final appeal in long running 30 million baht "teacher vs cop" lottery dispute



Picture: Naew Na


A final appeal has been lodged with a court in the more than two year dispute over who owned the lottery tickets in a 30 million baht win. 


A court decided that a retired policeman in Kanchanaburi Pol Lt Jaroon Wimoon was the real winner. 


He banked the money - minus a little for tax - in his bank account. 


But a teacher called Preecha Khraikhruan has always maintained that the money was his. 


Yesterday Preecha and his lawyer Worayuth Bunnongsai lodged a final appeal with the Kanchanaburi Provincial Court. 


They arrived twenty minutes before time was up to make the appeal. 


Some 5.5 million baht of the money has already been withdrawn and Preecah has sought for an order to stop the rest being spent as he still holds out hope of getting the money. 


Source: Naew Na




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5 hours ago, keysersoze276 said:

No mention of why or how this was a dispute.  I haven't read one well written article on thaivisa for weeks.  How has it gotten this level of sloppy journalism?  All the quality journalists and editors must have resigned and moved to Vietnam.

In a country where the real issues cannot be reported on, the real journalists don't bother or simply don't exist. 

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