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Toy gun, fake bomb, knife.... hapless robber found out how to rob a bank on YouTube


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Toy gun, fake bomb, knife.... hapless robber found out how to rob a bank on YouTube
Picture: Naew Na
A young Thai husband and father in debt to the tune of half a million baht went to YouTube to learn how to pull off a bank robbery.
However, his best efforts all went pear-shaped. 
Armed with a toy gun, fake bomb, and a knife he delivered his demands to staff at the counter of a Kasikorn branch. 
Picture: Naew Na
The staff member ducked and pressed the alarm and the would be robber panicked and was in custody before he even left the bank. 
The incident happened at the Kasikorn branch in Ban Pong, Ratchaburi yesterday at about 11 am. 
Narudom, 22, a native of Kamphaeng Phet but living with his wife and child in Ban Pong, walked up to the counter carrying a bag. He delivered a very long note in Thai. 
It started: "If you don't want to die read this carefully. Put all the money you have in the bag. It's not your money."
Picture: Naew Na
He went on to suggest in the note that if he was arrested he would set off a bomb in the bag. 
He continued:
"I have nothing left. I am ready to die if you try anything smart". 
The staff member did. They ducked below the counter immediately and pressed the alarm that linked to the Ban Pong police station. 
Seeing that things had taken an unexpected turn Narudom turned on his heels and headed for the door as many startled customers looked on. 
He was arrested by bank security and a passing patrol at the door. 
Narudom said he had found out exactly how to rob a bank on YouTube. He had fashioned a bomb out of an old coffee jar and an unusable old radio that he secured with cardboard. 
Picture: Naew Na
Then - after he had a good slug of booze for some Dutch courage - he got a toy gun and a knife and headed to the bank to get the money. He needed 500,000 to clear his debts. 
Picture: Naew Na
The police said there was not much more to it than that. He had acted alone. 
They took him on a reenactment and charged him. 
Source: Naew Na
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-11-21
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59 minutes ago, steven100 said:

stupid boy …..   he'll have plenty of time inside to think about changing his ways.  

Sadly, once a thief always a thief .....

Yep, now he will get a free education from the real guys that knows how things should be done. 

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I can't think why the reason for a re-enactment ?

He was caught at the bank and told police he learned his technique from YouTube and most of his actions were probably recorded on the banks CCTV and his make believe bomb and toy gun and knife were with him.


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