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Condo Recommendations (rent or buy) in Huahin


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So....I’m thinking about moving to Huahin.  I’ve been there a few times already and I like it.  Previously have lived in Chiang Mai and now am in Bangkok.  The area I’m focusing on is the Kao Takiab area and am familiar with most of the condos in that area but usually stay at Ibis (between KT and Downtown)  Transportation isn’t really an issue and I can walk or scooter over to the Songteaw station if I want to go to the mall.  My 3 main priorities are view, view (yes. I need a view) and build quality (yes...I know I can’t expect build quality like a western hi-rise condo)

So far, the condos I have seen online that appear interesting are as follows with my initial impressions.




nice views over the golf course to the sea.  Concerned about “new build” quality such as sound between units.




Probably can’t afford one of the view units but the rooftop deck looks amazing.  Again...new build concerns.


The Pine:  


Have seen the inside of a couple units.  Upper floor 1Brs with a view towards the sea are nice but the lower units look directly into the units across the courtyard/swimming pool area.  New build concerns.


Blue Wave:  


Older building.  Hoping that means “better bones”.  Haven’t been inside but understand that it’s a multipurpose building with condos and hotel.  Excellent views and right on the beach.




Older building with hopefully good bones.  Have been inside and felt it was a bit sterile.  Great views from upper units, not so much from lower units.  huge swimming pool.


All the above listed buildings seem to be relatively deserted so I assume that noise might be an issue during high season


So...can anybody offer insight on the above mentioned condos?  Any others I might consider?  FWIW, I did visit Boathouse up by the airport and while I thought it was nice, it is too far away from any services...also seems to be a complete ghost town.  


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18 minutes ago, izod10 said:

your last eight,well make it nine words about sums it up,   mine are " fool and his money are easily parted"

Very true...which is also why I’m asking about rentals.  

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