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Spots On Manao....

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On 6/19/2020 at 8:30 AM, faraday said:

Any idea what these spots might be & how I can eradicate them?



Very good photos, faraday.


If you have a Thai partner, I would suggest placing them in a sealed plastic bag and sending  some of the leaves  to the botany department of a university in Thailand.     You could, of course,  call them first to ask if they would take a look at what you'd like to send.


Yes you could just spray for the unknown but this could  do more damage than benefit.


Good luck.

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4 minutes ago, drtreelove said:

The leaves shown appear to be chlorotic (yellowed), indicating nutrient deficiencies and/or water uptake issues. (Always show photos of entire tree and site is more informative for assessment, and describe soil and water conditions).


I would say work on soil fertility plant nutrition, and water management.  This is the organic subforum, Disregard irresponsible suggestions to guess at fungal disease and rush to buy chemical sprays.  

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