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Baby Rhode Island reds wanted

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If you have older RIR hens, have you thought about getting a young RIR rooster? Make your own new replacement hens, succession planned. A few productive new ones and cull (eat) the old ones they replace. No eggs? Bye...

About ten years I bought 35 young hens about 4 months old and grew them out until they started laying. I think I paid 1-200 baht each. Day olds were a few baht each for a box full. Either way feeding them for months before they lay was expensive.

If you let the rooster loose with your existing flock selectively and let it happen naturally seems more sustainable to me than replacing a flock of aged hens with a new "future" flock and no eggs for a long time. 

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We don't have RiR's, just the regular red "factory" hens from the market, we also have "Bruiser" our roo of the same type. When Madam wants more hens she just sticks some eggs in the incubator. Our chooks are of the type where the male chicks are a vastly different colour to the girls so sexing them is easy.


Bruiser was actually free, our grand-daughter was given three "lucky" chicks, they had been dyed various colours. My first comment was "they are all boys, if they were girls they wouldn't have been given away. Of course we ended up looking after these chicks once the novelty wore off, two didn't make it, the third grew into the biggest white roo I've ever seen. He's getting old now, but still does his "job" with the girls. We will miss him when he's gone.


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Back when me boss was into KFC she would get the RR chicks for about 12 baht each lot of about 200 from the Surin Livestock Breeding and Research Center. 






The following photos are at the center.




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