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Aetna ranked No. 1 in health insurance again in 2020 by TGIA


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Aetna ranked No. 1 in health insurance again in 2020 by TGIA

Highlighting its commitment to create a stronger and healthier community in Thailand


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Bangkok, Aetna Health Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the world’s leading health insurance provider, is again ranked No. 1 in the health insurance industry by Thai General Insurance Association (TGIA). The company has been continuously recognized as the leader in the health category. The report is a collection of data on health insurance premiums for the first six months of 2020 from countrywide insurance companies.


Mr. Damian Delaney, Managing Director of Aetna Health Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited, said, “We see our 2020 placement in the TGIA report as a confirmation of our commitment in helping create a stronger, healthier community in Thailand by delivering comprehensive health care benefits and health care solutions.”


Aetna Health Insurance (Thailand) has collected over 1.8 billion baht representing over 27.5% of the total market value which is worth 6.7 billion baht. The company is also ranked No. 18 in the insurance industry, up from No. 23 in 2019. 


“This demonstrates the continuing development of the Thai market with people, individually and through their employers, looking to protect the health of themselves and their loved ones with high quality, innovative and good value protection products that will look after their everyday health care needs as well as any more serious medical issues,” added Mr. Delaney.


With its 480-hospital coverage nationwide and 24-hour customer service center, Aetna has gained the trust of customers in the health insurance industry. And in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has launched COVID-19 Advice line service for members to receive expert medical consultation and verified information to protect themselves from the disease. The line is on for Aetna customers until 31 December 2020.



Aetna Health Insurance
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