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Internet service provided with 4G router


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hi I hope you can help me.

I am looking to purchase an internet service that is provided with a router that has an inbuilt sim card.  This allows me to have a fully resilient internet service so when the internet goes down i have a 4g/5g backup via the sim card.

Does anybody know whether this type of service is offered by any Thai internet service providers?


I would prefer to use their router for this rather than buy me own.




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What kind of speeds do you need? Get a 4G router by ASUS or TP-Link from Lazada then a SIM from AIS and you’re good to go. Unlimited 4G from AIS at top speed is around 1k THB a month. Alternatively, you can search for one of those yearly prepaid sims from Lazada which offer unlimited at a speed of 10mbps. 

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