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Siam Real Estate (SRE) now has Virtual Viewings

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Your dream of owning a house, condo or pool villa in Thailand is still easily attainable today, even if you can’t currently visit the country. Siam Real Estate (SRE) now has Virtual Viewings. That’s right, view any property from the comfort of your own home. Schedule a date and time to view the property of your choice and they can initiate a video call. SRE can show you around the property and location and you can ask questions in real time from one of their qualified professional property consultants. SRE will even take a 360-degree virtual tour of the property, so you can continue to look view the property after the call from wherever you are in the world. Don’t worry about not being in Thailand, they can make it easy for you to make your investment goals to be realised.


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Virtual Property Viewing


You, the buyer, do not have to be in Thailand to achieve this goal. SRE can help you using these simple steps.


  1. Complete a specific power of attorney using the Land Office form. They email that form to you in English (for your reference) and a Thai version for you to print out and sign.
  2. Forms are taken to a notary public lawyer or Thai embassy for the purchaser / seller to sign and get witnessed.
  3. Finally, the POA form is sent by courier to SRE along with a copy of the passport picture page signed.
  4. Buyers / sellers can wire deposit funds to SRE Secure Client Account or their chosen law firm’s client account.  SRE / chosen law firm will then issue a cashier’s check for the final purchase and can assist in repatriating funds to sellers in their home country. 


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Purchase can be completed by post and power of attorney


The land office in Thailand will transfer the property even if the buyer / seller is not in Thailand.   The process timeline varies from country to country, though normally this will take around 16-20 days.


Due Diligence: before purchasing the property Siam Real Estate will introduce you to an independent law firm here in Thailand to check the ownership of the property is clean and clear. They will also be able to arrange a property inspection from a qualified property surveyor to check; the structural integrity of the building, water, power & air conditioning, comments on the architecture, wear and tear and any likely maintenance that will be required in the near future. Thus, allowing buyers to feel 100% comfortable with their purchase.


Property prices are typically very stable in Thailand. However, due to the current situation and lack of buyers in Thailand at the moment, NOW is the time to buy with sellers more negotiable than ever before.


Thailand’s excellent record for containing the C19 Virus has put it clearly on the map and once travel restrictions are lifted many visitors and property buyers will return. By the time tourist numbers recover, the opportunity to purchase properties at current discounted prices will be gone forever.


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The Thailand Virtual Property Purchase program from Siam Real Estate allows you to buy property outside the country


SRE look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a Virtual Viewing today!


For more information about this article contact Kevin Hodges, Siam Real Estate (SRE) Tel: 076-383646 Email: [email protected] ; www.siamrealestate.com


Schedule a virtual viewing with Siam Real Estate

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