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Bt75-million budget approved for building infrastructure in land reform projects


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Bt75-million budget approved for building infrastructure in land reform projects





A budget of Bt75 million has been approved by the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ARLO) for the building of infrastructure in 61 land reform projects to increase agricultural efficiency after the lands have been delivered to farmers.


ARLO secretary-general Vinaroj Supsongsuk said the board of directors had approved Bt71.2 million for building underground water wells and solar power water pump systems for 61 projects in 18 provinces, while Bt4.4 million would be used to build a 3.95-kilometre road to connect a plantation in the Khao Phanom district in Krabi province to a main road.


“The infrastructure would help ensure continued water supply to farming areas as well as improve transportation to the plantation,” he said.




In 2020, the ARLO had taken repossession of over 494,000 rai (79,040 hectares) of land from those who had possessed them illegally and has distributed the land to 43,128 farmers.


“One of ARLO’s main missions in 2021 is to allocate 5,479 rai of land to over 200 farmers in Krabinoi subdistrict in Krabi under the Krabinoi Smart City initiative,” he added.


“ARLO will help build infrastructure such as water source, electrical system and roads in the community to promote business expansion, local employment, as well as tourism industry, as Krabinoi is located near Krabi International Airport.”


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30401276




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