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Waiting to get back to Thailand and hoping that all my paperwork will be in order.

I see in the list of requirements to enter Thailand is that on arrival I have some official 'Tracking App' loaded on my phone.

Not being technically inclined, I have basic mobile phone that only makes and receives phone calls, which is all I ever need to do.

What is going to happen when I arrive in BKK and cannot install this, or any other App?  

I don't believe that I am the only tourist to arrive with a basic phone, or even no phone. 

Will I be refused entry?

Made to buy a new phone that I do not want or need?




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I arrived a week ago and now in ASQ. There were no checks of my phone on entry.


My ASQ required me to scan QR codes to add the medical and hotel LINE accounts to my phone for communication during my stay. They didn't mention an alternative method to send photos of the thermometer readings twice a day to the medical staff or food orders to reception.


I suggest you buy yourself a cheap phone that will allow you to send photos and messages via LINE.


I've downloaded the MorChana app registered but don't have bluetooth tracking turned on while in ASQ.

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