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What doctor to go for this condition?


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I am a healthy 54 y.o. person with no chronic diseases.

Early December I had a very stiff neck and nape. After two, three trips to doctors that told me it is a muscle stiffness, I had a  big lump coming out. In total panick,  I contacted a family member who is a doctor in my country. She said is a lymph node swelling. Went to BKK Phuket Hospital A&E as I didn't know what doctor to go?

A&E referred me to an ENT doctor after taking X-rays of my chest, all clear. 

ENT specialist advised ultrasound and after that, told me to undergo a biopsy with two doctors and a needle!!

Spoke about malignancy signs....in another lympnode by the collarbone, in the front of my neck. 


I got upset the doctor wouldn't remove the swollen lymph node and went to the old, dirty public Vachira hospital. 

To my surprise the ENT doctor looks very confident and suggested removing the swollen lymph node the following day. 

Which I did just before Christmas. 

After that, biopsy confirmed "reactive lymphoid hyperplasia". Antibiotics worked a bit, not great. 

Two weeks later, swollen still there, The doctor operated me again this week. Infection has set in. 

Now I wonder, where all this infection come from? From the primary infection, isn't it?

Why nobody looks for the root causes?

What sort of specialist I have to visit?

Phuket is not the maximum when it comes down to Health care.

In the biopsy of the original lymph node, taken as a whole, have they tested me for all known bacteria and virus?

I understand now I do not have a cancer, but I don't want to sit down crossing my arms in lovely Phuket waiting  for cancer to come and spread!

If someone has been through something like this and can give feedback I would be most grateful. I would apprecciate Sheryl feedback, particularly. 

Lovely weekend to all!



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i would start with an Infectious Disease Specialist. And better if  one in Bangkok.


You might also be well advised to see an ENT specializing in head and neck surgery re the thyroid cysts, even though benign these can continue to grow and cause problems. Repeat ultrasound and fine needle aspiration might be indicated .

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2 hours ago, snowballthecat said:

Thank you, Sheryl. Any recomendation for Infectologist in BKK?

Dr. Chanunya Srihawan



Dr. Payia Chantadisai



Dr. Ekachai Singhatiraj



Assist.Prof.Dr. Wichai Techasathit







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