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Expired License and COVID


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My Thai licenses expire in September and I'm not expecting to make it back to Thailand before then due to COVID.  I'm currently in the US.


Will I have any issues renewing a license that has expired once I return?  Hopefully spring of 2022.


I can not write at all in Thai and do not speak it well enough to pass a driving test (although it is getting better), so I really do not want to have to start over.

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If you get back before the following Sept 2022 you can just renew your Thai DL 's.


If your 5 year Thai DL's ends up being over 1 year old you will be renewed with 2 year DL from what I recall.


If your 2 year Thai DL's run over a year old you will need your US DL and maybe a IDP as well to get another two 2 year Thai DL's.


If you don't have a US DL you will have to do the Thai DL driving tests 1 test for cars and 1 test for motorbikes.



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