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Pulse tv-net


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I am considering to try this service for 1 month. I have downloaded and installed the .apk file onto my android TV box.


Given the range of TV channels  offered it seems to me that this supplied  content must be 'moody'  I think that it comes from Hong Kong or maybe mainland China

If I go with it -it will only be the occasional use-cost 1000 Baht/month-not cheap but OK now and again.


Q . Does any subscriber to this forum have any experience?

Thanks in advance

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been using pulse for 4 years now. it's very annoying getting connection to TOT. ive tried hardwiring it ,which unbelieveably was slower.When i cant get a connection  with TOT, it usually works with my phone signal.If you find another service that shows uk TV i would be interested to know how reliable is the connection


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