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100% Natural Nano Mineral Foliage Fertilizer Trial

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Dear Forum Members,


from a friend i obtained a Nano Mineral Foliage Fertilizer. 100% natural and safe. Trials in 2018 showed that in comparison to conventional/chemical products it leads to healthier plants, more and faster growth, higher resistance to water shortages and diseases, better taste. Attached photo shows results for Sugar Cane.


I am very interested in the product and would like to conduct my own trials. But, unfortunately i do not have a farm or land.


In case that you do have a land and are growing crops, vegs or fruits, would you be interested to conduct a trial and share your photo-documentet results with me? I could bring or ship a trial quantity of the product to you.


For more background information you can also read my related topic here:


Please feel free to PM me.


Best regards,





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