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Frontline doctors, nurses decide to dance off the stress


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Frontline doctors, nurses decide to dance off the stress

By The Nation




Thailand was hit by a new wave of Covid-19 infections in December when people, both Thais and foreigners, began sneaking across the border, leaving medical personnel on the frontline overwhelmed.


However, doctors in Tak’s Mae Sot district have found a new way to “shake it off”. Mor Chai Dan or doctors in the border area shared a clip on Facebook showing doctors and nurses dancing. They said the dance workout, led by a Covid-19 Ward chief and a nurse, put them in a good mood and got rid of the stress.


More than 60 Thais, who either sneaked across the border or took the legal route, are being treated at the Mae Sot Hospital, while foreigners have been sent back to their own country.


As of last Sunday, there were 136 confirmed Covid cases in Tak province. Of them, 26 had been infected locally and 110 were returnees. So far, two people have died from the infection, 62 have recovered and 72 are still undergoing treatment.



Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30401877




-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2021-01-27
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