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Weird demand form my boyfriend


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8 hours ago, kellyoinkoink said:

Guys, After telling him my thoughts and asked him what if I and he and another man do it, he said “ let’s do it”.....I don’t know what to say! 
This man’s fantasy happens with you guys? 

"... if I and he and another man do it, he said “ let’s do it”..."


Perhaps you should find a couple of full nude/full length photos of a very young/hot hunk with very hot body and a very large full erection and say 'here he is, by the way he likes to swing in threesomes and stay over, are you ready for this and ready to cook his breakfast'?


If he says yes then you know bf has no limits and you need to make some decisions.


Keep in mind that a month apart won't achieve anything, it's total forever break and be ready for some emotional bumps, but don't look back. 



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Surprisingly it was my long time Thai GF that suggested a threesome. She was quite hot and sexy at 40 and decided she wanted another lady (not man) to take care of her and play with. She had a thing about larger breasts as hers were not large. Of course, as a man how would I refuse the chance of becoming involved. I have to say the idea of this was really hot however the reality for both of us was rather underwhelming. Don't get me wrong but whilst it was fun there was no major satisfaction. We tried a few times with different ladies but she decided her fantasy wasn't as good as she thought. I enjoyed the opportunity too but always felt a bit guilty afterwards. The final time was when my GF said afterwards "you enjoyed her too much". We never tried thresomes again (and I still have no desire to).


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9 hours ago, kellyoinkoink said:

He said: let’s do it. 
I don’t know what to say then....


In that case there's nothing wrong with him. People have different sexual preferences and if his are not compatible with yours then perhaps it's time to find a new boyfriend.

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What happens in a relationship between consenting adults is their business and no one else's to judge or comment.

What works for them is all that matters. If it doesnt, you change it or walk away, simple as.



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9 hours ago, sirineou said:

So First post in this community and it's a doozy  ,

then when I make a round and about accusation of trolldom, this first time poster knows exactly what a troll is and posts a Sad emoji for calling him so.  



My, my, my,  you are quite the detective!!



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5 hours ago, ThaiFelix said:

I am sure this is just a troll post!  But I'll stick around just in case someone starts posting pics 😎😎

Not troll at all. I’m serious to ask! How can I troll ppl at 3am. Most of ppl, especially girls think a lot at night......

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