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Car Painting in Chiang Mai


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I can tell you where not to go. The often recommended place almost  opposite Tesco Lotus on the Hangdong road.

45,000 baht, after less than3 years paint started peeling off.

Out of guarantee but took it back and they even denied having done the job in the first place despite my having the paperwork that referred!.

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I can recommend Chang Riep's shop. It does not look like much at all, but he does quality work. I have used him several times and always found his prices very reasonable and been happy with the result. However, I cannot give you an estimate for your job, because mine have been somewhat different (eg. including panel repairs). Put อู่ช่างเรียบ into Google Maps to find him. It is in the very general area of the Dhara Devi.


Unless your Thai is good, take a Thai speaker with you

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