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Betong border to allow vehicle entry


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Betong border to allow vehicle entry

Paphamon Arayasukawat




YALA (NNT) - Thai nationals in Malaysia returning to the country through Betong will from Monday have the option of entering in their personal vehicles once again, after the lifting of a previous prohibition on vehicles as part of the COVID-19 measures.


Betong border crossing in Yala will allow Thai nationals returning from Malaysia to drive across the border crossing from 8th February, with some restrictions applied.


According to a regulation issued by Betong district office and the Royal Thai Consulate in Penang, Malaysia, only 10 vehicles personally owned by Thai nationals with proper documentation, will be allowed to cross the border per day, and only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Returning Thai nationals who wish to bring their vehicles with them are required to register in advance. So far, the Thai authorities have received requests to take 28 cars and 31 motorcycles across the border through Betong. 14 vehicles are reported to have been brought across the border already.


Returnees traveling in their vehicles will be greeted by officials who will undertake an inspection and disease screening on the Malaysian side of the border. Their vehicles will then be left in the sun for three days, as well as being sprayed with disinfectants at Betong border crossing, as a safeguard measure.



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2 hours ago, rooster59 said:

Their vehicles will then be left in the sun for three days

I would hope it's 14 days whilst their owners are doing their quarantine!

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