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Pump pressure switch chattering


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I paid only 920 baht for my home water pressure pump on Lazada. I knew they were cheap so I bought two of them to have one as a spare. Well the first problem was the the pump was cycling on and off far too often so I built a home made pressure accumulator to prevent the pump from cycling so often. Now when there is a certain flow rate of water as soon as the pump reaches 2 bar pressure there are now a bit of chattering from the pressure switch just as the pump is ready to cycle off. My guess is that the pressure switch starting to fail. Perhaps the contacts in the pressure switch as starting to burn from all the cycling or perhaps the springs are in synch with some harmonics when the pump check valve on the inlet pipe shuts. I can see the needle of the pressure gauge jumping up and and down when the pump stops and check valve closes. I know that it is the pump pressure switch at fault because when it chatters, I just have to tap the pressure switch with my finger and the pump cycles off.  I have decided to mount a remote pressure switch that is of a higher quality than this one shown on the pump. Can anyone recommend a good quality switch that can be mounting in a remote location on the PVC pipe somewhere near the pressure gauge and this way, I will have a no more chatter from the cheap pump pressure switch mounted on the pump. 


I also need a second pressure switch with a small buzzer connected so that the deep well pump doesn't burn up when the filter plugs up on the water line that goes into the big blue tank. This will let me know that I have to go clean the filter before the pump back pressure builds up too high causing the pump to burns up. So if anyone can advise a good brand that I can find on Lazada that is able to handle these two jobs.11686.thumb.jpg.1d4d4d36f888076cb2bd201d9ac3bb54.jpg



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