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Free jabs for Cambodians in Malaysia


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The Malaysian government has announced that foreigners, including Cambodian migrant workers, in the country can get COVID-19 vaccine for free after considering the high number of foreign workers who tested positive for the virus. A statement issued by the Special Vaccine Supply Access Guarantee Committee (JKJAV) yesterday summarised that infections as a result of foreign workers clusters have “high costs” due to treatment and quarantine procedures.


“Foreign workers have become part of our community and also contribute to the country’s economy,” the statement said. It said the committee said that an environment free from COVID-19 will only be achieved when as many residents in Malaysia as possible are inoculated.


The committee added that the decision to offer vaccination to foreigners for free was made also because the number of doses obtained by the Malaysian government exceeds the number of Malaysian citizens who are qualified to be inoculated. “The schedule for vaccination of foreigners will be announced in the future,” the committee said.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50813358/free-jabs-for-cambodians-in-malaysia/

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