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Don't think there is a thread on this.


Is it a game or investment? I think an investment that will grow, I have only put in a couple of hundred dollars to start with, it's been growing a dollar a day so far. Game is about 3 month old


I brought some river frontage on Klong Toey and over a silver mine in Mexico. There is due an upgrade very some when the game will change, please research before/if you buy anything. PM for a chat






A few guys covering it on youtube





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It is a game, and an investment too. However do not put more than you can afford to lose and/or don't expect the quick buck. 


If you can afford to lose the money you put into it, and see it as a long term investment, it could potentially be very good. 


PS: It for sure is not a scam, but it is sort of a gamble, and has certain risks. So again, never put more than you can afford to lose.

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58 minutes ago, tifino said:

 this must be how the ccp wants to virtually capture the entire planet!!

You guys dream with the ccp


Lol, next you're gonna claim the ccp wants to f**ck your wife. Come on mate, Earth2 is 100% American. 

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48 minutes ago, fondue zoo said:

Will I be able to raise e-Ponies?

You may well in the future, and sell them as well. Just buy farm land with grazing.


Have you seen the movie Real Player One?

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