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A Dental Practice Offering Safe Amalgam/Mercury Removal Procedure

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I have a number of mercury fillings which are now several decades old and need replacing. This time, I would like the mercury replaced by a safer filling.


I live in Hua Hin. I started a similar thread on the Hua Hin local forum, as I would have liked the operation in the city where I live and so cut out the travel and hotel costs. A practice was recommended on that Forum, but when I sent the firm a text on their website, although the text was acknowledged and a reply was promised by their computer system, I never received that reply. I assume therefore they don’t offer that particular service. No problem.


This is what a dental practice in Bangkok says on the internet:


“Many people are deciding they want to have their silver amalgam (mercury) fillings removed, but this can cause a tremendous amount of mercury to be absorbed by their body and make them ill. To help prevent this, safety precautions should be used so the person won’t swallow or breathe mercury vapor while the fillings are being drilled out Mercury vaporizes at room temperature. As soon as the dentist touches the filling with a drill, the temperature soars and the mercury vapor comes pouring off the fillings. Then when you take a breath it goes right into your lungs.“


The above quote is by Thantakit International Dental Center


Any suggestions from those who have already experienced the operation at a Bangkok dental practice, including Thantakit International Dental Center, would be much appreciated. 

If anyone can recommend a practice in another Thai city then they are welcome to post their recommendation too. 


Thank you 

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the studies on mercury from amalgam fillings were done in sheep, which are chewing all the time.

So the findings can't be reasonably interpreted as holding for humans.


The current standard is to remove amalgam fillings for cause, recurrent decay, breaking, or esthetics, not as a preventative measure against potential toxicity.


Any dentist that is advertising to do this for health reasons is just trying to play on peoples' fears.


Moreover, the use of high speed evacuation, which should be standard in a dental clinic, will remove any vapor/amalgam slurry generated by the drilling.


This means that any properly equipped clinic would be safe to have an amalgam filling removed for whatever reason.

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I had this done in Chiang Mai. Make sure they use a rubber dam that exposes o ly your tooth and that covers your face and they have continual suction in there pulling out the vapors. The dam keeps you from getting mercury in your mouth.


I did get some whiffs of mercury though. Not pleasant. I think it was worth it in the long run.


Did you know that metal fillings expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold? This breaks your teeth and necessitates needing crowns and root canals later on.

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