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COVID-19 Vaccination Starts in Bangkok


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COVID-19 Vaccination Starts in Bangkok




BANGKOK, March 1 (TNA) - The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) that received 66,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine started the inoculation with its medical personnel.


Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang witnessed the vaccination at the Bang Khunthian Geriatric Hospital to raise public confidence in the disease control attempt. The first jab there was for Dr Wantanee Watana, deputy permanent secretary of the BMA. The inoculation was expected to cover 30 doctors and medical workers at the Bang Khunthian Geriatric Hospital today.


The vaccination also began with medical personnel at other hospitals under the jurisdiction of the BMA. They included Venerable Thawisak Jutindharo Hospital and Ratchaphiphat Hospital. 


Full story: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news/line-today-english-news-646190


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