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Digital Nomads in Malaysia - do you need work permit?

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Does anyone know whether you require a work permit in Malaysia to work online on a pc or laptop  from home. All the work would be offshore.

Or is it something nobody worries about?


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Not really. It seems that there a quite a few people doing this in Malasia, and there are even adverts for places where digital nomads  gather and work. So I can only conclude that it is OK, but don't shout out from the rooftops that you are one.


A bit like Thailand, but there it is a bit stricter - if you all gather at a bar with wifi and laptops, be prepared for police harrassment.

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I have lived in Malaysia for over 20 years and I have NEVER heard of police harassing anyone in Starbucks for using their laptop!

The only issue for global nomads is how long you could stay here. Depending on your country of origin a tourist visa is one or three months. The Malaysia My Second Home program with a ten year visa is available (but on hold pending review), but was quite tricky for those under 55.

Also income earned overseas is not taxable so that's nice.

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I am not sure about work permit but for tax purposes , unfortunately u have to pay for it. 


Although all your projects or work are for clients who are outside malaysia, but because you are physically in Malaysia, you are required to pay tax.


I myself am interested in earning some income through forex as recommended by this article Tukaran Wang Asing , but when thinking of the tax to be paid maybe i need to be wary of trading risks.

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