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Police sergeant murders girlfriend at Surat Thani coffee shop

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Thai caption: Cop kills girlfriend, suicide attempt fails//Sanook

Sanook reported that the mood was somber at a cremation ceremony for 35 year old Summita yesterday.

She was shot dead by Trang police sergeant Apichart near the Chaiya Intersection at a gas station on Route 41 in Surat Thani on Sunday afternoon, an earlier report by Sanook suggested.

Apicart turned the gun on himself but survived and is now recovering in hospital.

Summitta was the eldest of two siblings and had been a mainstay of her family putting her younger sibling through school.

Her mother Ampha, 61, said that she had had a relationship with the Trang policeman for three years. 

About a year ago she had gone to his house in Trang where he exhibited aggressive behavior and slapped her.

She went home to her mum and they both agreed that she should leave him - but she didn't, even after a meal where the three of them got together to decide they should end the relationship.

She said that her daughter was a sales lady in pharmaceutical drugs and would often go to the coffee shop in the course of her work.

The policeman arrived from his home further south and picked a fight with her, she said, and though she begged for help and tried to get away he went after her and shot her dead.

Sanook said in their headline that the cop had tried to kill himself. He was now out of a coma and out of danger under police guard at Surat Hospital. 


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-03-16
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3 hours ago, webfact said:

out of a coma and out of danger under police guard

Out of danger? I don't think so -

But wait - he has got a police guard.

He might be safe

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11 minutes ago, KamnanT said:

The recruitment process involves the submission of a thick pile of small, brown documents which are divided amongst the senior officers and painstakingly reviewed to determine their quality and sufficiency.

I seem to recall that that is indeed a large part of it. Families scrape and save to try and get at least one member as far as the 'exams'. Useful to have a cop in the family.

The quality of even traffic cops is really beyond the pale ... I have witnessed (masked, long before Covid) extortion on highways, and was told by one cop a helmet wasn't needed for me to ride a motorbike.

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