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Where to buy quality used or new alloy/mag wheels for an attrage/mirage in Chiang Mai?

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My car has heavy steel wheels. Since it is a very lightweight car i think it will run better with lighter wheels.

So i am looking for 14 or 15 inch used mitsibishi wheels.

Or if i get new/used aftermarket wheels I need to know they arent the dangerous type that can fall apart.


I live in Chiang Mai


Any ideas?

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I don't know about wheel dealers in Chinag mia, but there must be many there. Try lenso wheels. I had used them on my hoda civid for many years without a problem. If you want lighweight wheels consider lenso 90b. They would be about 3500 baht each. The video is in Thai but you get the idea. I think the weight is about 5kg each, which is light for a non-forged wheel.  


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Buy something quality from a reputable brand, forged is lighter but more expensive.


Beware china copy wheels, some of them are poor quality and weigh as much if not more than the steel wheel they replace.


BC Forged MonoBlocks are my go to choice of aftermarket alloy that is available in Thailand.


I have these in 20x10 on my Skoda wagon.



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And how much weight do you think you will save ? Not much.

And what effect will this have on your handling for an Attrage - an econobox car ? Even less


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During a purchase of 5 new Lenso wheels (and 5 tires)...


I was taken good care of by the Yokohama store on Hang Dong Rd....


I was not treated well at the Michelin across from Airport Plaza or the Cockpit store nearby on Hang Dong Rd....The Michelin store could care less and basically said no can do - I'd always used Michelin until then....The Cockpit store tried to add 2000B to the price of each wheel (x5)....

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