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4 “impostor police officers” arrested

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The Police Inspector of Dangkor District said on Friday afternoon, the Anti-Drug Department of the Ministry The Interior Ministry has cooperated with the Dangkor District Police Force to search and arrest four suspects  who had disguised themselves as police officers. The four had used a car with without a license plate and attacked local people.


Colonel Chim Sitha, Police Inspector of Dangkor District, said that on the night of June 17,  local police patrolling the village of Kamrieng, Sangkat Prey Veng, Khan Dangkor, saw a group of suspects with irregular activities and went to interrogate the suspects who were in uniform.


The four wore uniforms depicting National Police officers with the insignia of the Anti-Drug Police of the Ministry of Interior, as well as with the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel and Brigadier General.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50877381/genuine-police-arrest-four-imposters-for-attacking-locas/

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