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Phone case availability in Thailand.


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Sure you can pick up a phone case for a cow pat, but in the event that through dropping it, on reflection it might have been prudent to have spent more, on a more shock resistant case.
On my research three specific criteria come into play here in Thailand, the availability of recognised brands, whether or not that there's the exact model of case for one's phone, and finally if the price is particularly loaded.
The bottom line is, have watched more drop tests reviews that I would care to admit to, here's what I'm considering.
Has anybody bought these, and if so what is their experience of these models, and perhaps others that they would recommend:

Otterbox Symmetry
Tough Armor Spingen

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Use a soft case, not a hard plastic case, doesn't matter if it costs 50 or 500 Baht.

Don't use an iPhone, they seem to shatter easily.

I've dropped my android phones in some 50 Baht silicon cases many times and they never broke.

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