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As you know, I have two bikes - the road bike with drop handle bars and the shopping bike with flat handle bars.


That is probably the biggest difference between the two bikes.  The road bike is more designed for off-road cyclocross stuff, while the shopping bike has been tailored to be very town - tight mudguards, rack, basket and panniers; and I've put the same skinny 25 or 28 mm tyres on the road bike as well recently. 


Anyway, my question is: Why do we not see W-shaped handlebars on hybrid bikes, hard--tail mountain bikes and "gravel" bikes that give the control of a flat bar without the wrist pain of flat bars?  If they were good enough for my grand-dad and his butcher, surely they should be OK for me?



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I agree.  I have been riding with Jones H Bar on both my Surly bikes ( LHT & Disc trucker)  and find the bar much more comfortable for me than flat or drop bars.

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