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  1. Back in the day you had to be good at exams to start two steps up the ladder.
  2. So rabble-rousing should be permitted until after riots, and then retrospectively prohibited?
  3. I don't think people should be allowed to publish falsehoods with the intent of causing harm, or recklessly with respect to their accuracy in the knowledge that it may cause harm. I am not sure that people should be allowed to publish the truth with the intention of causing harm.
  4. I don't see much censorship - just organisations limiting what they publish. I don't think you can force people to publish things.
  5. We are fortunate that the internet allows us to choose which lies we want to accept, and to listen to those only, to the exclusion of others, so that we can reinforce our prejudices and build our prejudices straighter, and narrower, and more blinkered than ever before, regardless of how outrageous those prejudices are, and we can harden our hearts with greater fortification against our fellow man through continuous reinforcement of our own prejudices by our chosen friends, and news, and our chosen popular opinion. Luckily, my children, and I assume their peers, seem to have a broad
  6. At the sake of sounding a bit Monty Python, is this a Forum argument, or a Woke Culture argument? Or a Perils of Internet Echo-Chambers argument?
  7. Which cost little compared to the cost of the restrictions, but nevertheless, when income tax receipts are stalled, VAT receipts are stalled, airport tax... the government saddles itself with debt regardless of any additional costs
  8. I was impressed with Decathlon's web site in Malaysia, and the Thai website looks just as good. I ordered on line, and then thought I might as well just go down to the shop to pick up the part, rather than getting it delivered, for the sake a nice 20 km bike ride, and I was in and out the shop like a burglar. I'd have browsed a bit, if the bike showroom was not upstairs
  9. My suggestion would be to consider one of their "hybrid" bikes if you are not planning a lot of off-road, to avoid wasting money on unnecessary suspension; if your area is flat, then you might not need the front derailleur gears.
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