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AirAsia to launch Phuket - Chiang Mai flights Oct 16


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On 10/2/2021 at 8:24 AM, scorecard said:

Does anybody have details of current rules/regulations about domestic air travel/quarantine between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Especially Bkk to CM. Thanks.


I was trying to find the same kind of info. My wife has a domestic flight back into BKK in the coming weeks.


And in looking at both the AirAsia and Nok Air websites, they appear to be relatively useless for current COVID rules info. The AirAsia site has a link to a Ministry of Interior website that, just fyi, is entirely in TH and only appears to respond if you're using a Thai IP connection.





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Buying a ticket from AirAsia has never been a pleasant experience for myself and our family.


There is no customer service.


Thai Smile is the way to go.

Always pleasant and human customer service.

*Easy change of flights.

*Traveling with children, there helpful.

*Fully staffed so easy check-ins. 

-Not hours in line with two people staffing the counter like AirAsia.


AirAsia is good if you're single, no luggage and aren't in a hurry to get somewhere.


...and the flights not suddenly cancelled.

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