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Covid Vax #2 at Bang Sue Railway Station Vax centre

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Naklua  Fish Market Covid Passport


Plenty of Parking around the back.

The Office has Lunch 1200-1300 hrs

At 1315 Hrs

I went in and at Counter/Office No. 1 asked for the Covid Passport.


There was slight confusion then as she asked if I wanted a booking, I asked could I get it today, she said yes, Booking for Today.

I gave her a copy of my Passport Photo Page SIGNED and my Tel No. on it.

A copy of my Vaccine certificate  (also signed)

 I was told to wait. Approx. 30 mins

The Passport was written out by hand in Office No. 12,


For anybody having problems, in Office #12 there was a Thai Woman Officer who spoke good English .

I was called to a Desk outside of No. 12, I paid the Fee 50 Baht I was given a receipt, I was asked to check the Passport booklet carefully, I signed it.

All complete.


Please note

This is a Public Health office, other health business is being carried out. My friend went Early in the morning when there was a LOT of people about. At 1313 when I went, there was only 6 people there.

There was a sign saying only 50 people processed per day.

Very efficient and easy.


If you have got there late in the afternoon or there daily quota has been filled the Lady at Counter #1 will give an appointment date/time.





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On 10/4/2021 at 9:10 PM, Siam Bruce said:

I can confirm it is near the Naklua Fish Market.

Even with the appointment it takes quite a bit of time to get the booklet,

patience is required and a Book to read!!

I can't find it on Google Maps (keeps coming back with the office in Bangkok) could you please post a link to it's location. 




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