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Jabbed in 2 different countries....can I get into Sandbox ?

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I had my first Astra Jab in Thailand, flew to the Uk and had the 2nd there.


The NHS app shows my 2nd jab and marked it as 2 of 2. However I can't get the covid pass, as they can't fully incorporate overseas jabs into their system as yet. Working on it apparently.


Problem is I want to return to Thailand now. I tried unsuccessfully to submit a sandbox CoE application. I attached one documents for each jab, but it kept telling me to attach the vaccine certificate.


I did check with the Thai embassy before I left if I'd be able to apply for the sandbox, having been vaccinated in two different places, and they said yes. However that probably means nothing.


So the question...is this just a technical error with the application form, or am I likely to be considered not fully vaccinated and have to spend 10 days in quarantine in BKK ?

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In a nutshell, yes. I am in the same position, they rejected my COE saying I had to provide a proper vaccination certificate. I deleted what I had put up regarding vaccination effectively making me unvaccinated and resubmitted, got approval by return stating 10 days quarantine.

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I had the one in Thailand,then one in the UK. 


I done the COE OK. 


Your Thai should have a 13 didget number. States one jab appointment for second one right? 


The UK in my case said one of one jab one. 


So one and one is two! 


I sent the paper copy of the Thai one and the card one from the UK jab. London embassy accepted that. 


BUT when you do go to check in for your flight, they ask for a certificate from the UK. Which you can get from the NHS app with Heath number via your national insurance number, so you could get that before hand and send that with your COE. 


How I understand it is the Thai they can check. 


I hope that's some help. 

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OK so far so good. I got pre approval based on the two vaccine documents etc. 


Now I have submitted documents for travel and proof I've paid for the pcr tests. I did this on Wednesday night. 


How long does it take to give full approval? I'm supposed to be flying next week. 



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