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Average Golf Score – Are You Good or Bad? (For Your Age)


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If there’s any one sport that is a game of inches, it must be golf.


Golf is a sport that’s simple to learn, but as we all well know, takes a lifetime to master.


Most people who try golf for the first time get hooked on making progress. It’s a game where you try and get better each day to improve your score.




Unlike other sports where you directly compete against other players, golf is a little different.  The only player you need to focus on beating is yourself!


This is because the other competitors have zero effect on whether your end up with a low or high score.


In this article I’m going to explain exactly what it means to have a good and bad golf score.


So, what is the average golf score?


An average golf score is 90 strokes for every 18 holes played.


This score applies to an amateur golfer playing on a par 72 course.


A good golf score is a maximum of 108 strokes, while a bad score is 120 strokes or higher.


Since golf is such a complex sport, there are many degrees of skill levels.


You have the professionals, once a year golfer, and many variations in between.


What a good score is for an amateur player will be completely different for a professional.


Remember, it’s important not to compare your score to other players. Chances are, it took many years of practice to accomplish the scores they now get.



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